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6th Tournament of Hungarian Championship
Tatabánya, Hungary, 13th November 2010

At the final tournament of the Hungarian Championship 2010. in Tatabánya played all the teams. We have left to play three games...


In three games with the strong pace we achieved the victory over the teams Hamburger SE (Nagykanizsa) and Humanitas SE (Tatabánya), but we were defeat by vice-champion "Sprint" SC (Szombathely).

The first match was played against the Sprint. It was a real competitive match with ups and downs. After a 1:1 score in sets, the third set was crucial for the final score. We had the advantage at the end of this set, but than our opponents gave us a good lesson, again.

We defeated Hamburger team relatively easily, although the opponent were using any relaxation in our game and threatened to make an unexpected success.

The last game against the Humanitas was a derby match of two opponents who fought in previous duels with maximum strength, until the last played point. Result in sets tells a lot about uncertainty throughout the game and the battle that was fought. It was certainly the most interesting game for the audience and the most uncertain at the tournament.

We used the first match point at 24-23 in the fourth set. Let's say that we here have a bit of luck, a lot of courage and finally an objective and fair refereeing, with minimum number of errors. Had the match entered in the fifth set - the balance could easily outweigh to the other side.

At this tournament we have shown a mature and stable game, now on a serious competitive levels. The truth is that we are still struggling to some elements of the game whose development is primarily coming through a lot of games played, with much better introduction of teammates and opponents.


    Sprint : Feniks3:1 (18, -23, 22, 16)
    Feniks : Hamburger3:0 (14, 13, 16)
    Feniks : Humanitás3:1 (21, -23, 19, 23)


After completion of all matches was performed a ceremony of cups, medals and diplomas for all tems according final standings. Final standings in Hungarian league in year 2010. is as follows:

1. Piremon (Nyíregyháza)
2. Sprint SC (Szombathely)
3. Mozdulj SE (Vác)
4. KSO Feniks (Kikinda)
5. Humanitás SE (Tatabánya)
6. Csakazért SE (Szeged)
7. Hamburger SE (Nagykanizsa)


Inevitably is to say that we all in the club are very pleased and proud of this result, especially as a beginner in the league, but we know very well how much work we had invested to reach it.

Soon will follow a meeting of all clubs in order to make an arrangement for the next season. We hope to be able to provide all the necessary conditions to compete again next year. A huge will exist, we continue with a serious, hard work and hope that next season we will climb at least step up and return home with medals.

We received the confirmation of our success by the loud applause from the other teams when our captain received the diploma. What we subsequently learned was that thus we won the right to participate in the next year's Hungaria Cup, as we are the one of the best four teams in the Championships.

All results and ranking can be found here: www.uloroplabda.hu



Standing: Janjatović, Anđelov, Đuričin, coach Dragin
Sitting: Herceg, Golijanin, Brandić and Zavišin


Photos from tournament