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Szombathely, The Hungarian Farsang Cup, 3rd March 2012

This was the first competition with a new name OKI "Feniks" and it became a great success: we won the second place in The Hungarian Farsang Cup.


In the last year's Cup, we had nothing to celebrate, but this year we did not allowed to be surprised.

This is appropriate place and moment to decline false news. Local newspapers published that we won this Cup last year. That was not the case.


From Kikinda to Szombathely there is around 480 km, just like to Nyiregyhaza, but on the opposite side. The oldest city of Hungary is located near the west coast of the former Pannonian Sea, ie. in the shallow.

Matches in pool A:

1. Czakazért SE - Sprint SC 0:3
2. OKI Feniks - Mozdulj SE 2:3

Experience teaches us that our first game determines the outcome. There was played the tough men's game, with a lots of nice actions, fighting for every ball, catching "impossible" balls, with playing the long rallies and a lot of turnovers. We had the lead in sets both times, preferences in the fourth and fifth set, but Vác managed to overtake us in the last moments of the fight. One would say, it was the final before the final.

We are not speaking Hungarian language much, as well as they are not speaking Serbian, but we understood the Vác captain's pantomime: he point with the index finger on our and their team, and then provided to the fingers of both hands one versus other, imitating the fluctuation of scales pointer ... Indeed! It was a tint. 1 gram on the tray.

3. Mozdulj SE - Sprint SC 3:1
4. OKI Feniks - Czakazért SE 3:1

Victory for our team was out of the question, regardless of a lost set. However, that is how we spent so much power needed for the final showdown against the host team.

5. Sprint SC - OKI Feniks 2:3

It doesn't matter how much we felt we are more powerful than our opponents on the ground it was not realistic, neither the result is confirming it. Mentioned lost energy was lacking, but the will to win prevailed. Sprint is definitely serious, strong team, but the fifth set, we managed to turn to our advantage. The great game it was.

6. Mozdulj SE - Czakazért SE  3:0

The Hungarian Cup this year appointed traditional Farsang Cup, with the adaptations. It happened because of problems with funding and disputes in the Hungarian alliance of sitting volleyball, for which the team from Nyiregyhaza didn't show up. In the pool B played lower placed teams from the Hungarian championship and women's teams from Szeged and Budapest.

The final order was as follows:

1. "Mozdulj SE" - Vác
2. "OKI Feniks" - Kikinda
3. "Sprint SC '- Szombathely
4. "Csakazért SE" (F) - Szeged
5. "Humanitas SE" - Tatabánya
6. "HOSC" - Budapest
7. "Törekvés SE" - Budapest
8. "Hamburger SE" - Nagykanizsa
9. "Csakazért SE" (N) - Szeged

The vice-champions of the Hungarian Farsang Cup 2012:

Standing: Milošev, Đuričin, Zavišin, coach Dragin
Sitting: Brandić, Golijanin, Herceg, Anđelov

... during the breaks hosts served a good, old and almost forgotten meal in our menu: a simple "bread and lard", with onions and peppers from above. Yummie!

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