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4th International Tournament "The Days of Bugojno"
May 26th, 2012

On the recommendation of our friend from Brčko we were invited for the first time to Bugojno tournament. For the same date, the Feniks's plan was to attend very nice and a great tournament in Sarajevo, but by coincidence, we just accepted this invitation. This report verifies the fact that the decision was not wrong, (although there is always a desire to participate on the "Sarajevo open" once again).


Sports challenge was more than serious, as there were two teams from the First League of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bugojno and Breza, then Zadar, Laktaši, and the only one with which we were competing by now: OKI Čelić.

The hosts were in particularly good mood over the success in the just-completed championship for 2011/12, placed the first and will play in the BiH Premier League in the next season.

According to the agreement we arrived a day earlier. We walked around the city that was the overall phase of reconstruction of streets. Undeniably great credit for this fact, and very intensive support of the city and state for the sitting volleyball undoubtedly has kept by town mayor, prof. Mr. Hasan Ajkunić.

The President of OKI Iskra, Aziz, and his comrades were staged unforgettable experience for all teams in the beautiful surroundings of the natural environment around the mountain lodge. We made a reminder of the long and many years of football rivalry FC "Iskra" and FC "Kikinda".

Before the start of the tournament, the opening ceremony was held. The participants of the tournament players and a new prime-league members were awarded by gifts and we saw the appropriate cultural and artistic program. Matches were played alternately among the groups, the results follow.

Group A

OKI Breza   - OKI Zadar       2:0 (25:12, 25:19)
OKI Breza   - OKI Laktaši     2:0 (25:16, 27:25)
OKI Laktaši - OKI Zadar       2:0 (26:24, 25:21)

1. OKI Breza    4
2. OKI Laktaši  2
3. OKI Zadar    0

Group B

KSO Iskra - KSO Feniks        2:0 (25:13, 25:13)
KSO Iskra - OKI Čelić         2:0 (25:20, 25:19)
OKI Čelić - KSO Feniks        2:0 (25:19, 25:23)

1. KSO Iskra    4
2. OKI Čelić    2
3. KSO Feniks   0

We hadn't many chances versus the new Prime League team. Well coordinated and much better host team routinely cleaned us out, but a game that we gave was not even close to what we can provide.

The game we played versus Čelić was somewhat better, we had our chances especially in the second set. However, we ended up by let them to revenge for the previous match versus each other.

For the third place:

OKI Laktaši - OKI Čelić       2:1 (23:25, 25:20, 15:10)


KSO Iskra - OKI Breza         3:1 (25:17, 20:25, 25:22, 25:21)

Final order:

1. KSO Iskra
2. OKI Breza
3. OKI Laktaši
4. OKI Čelić
5. KSO Feniks
6. OKI Zadar

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Finally, it remains to once again congratulate the hosts for the first place, excellent organization and to say thank you for the warm welcome and beautiful friendship.


Photos from tournament