OKI "Feniks" Kikinda - News

Vojvodina Regional Championships
for Disabled Persons, SSIV
Bačka Palanka, 15th September 2012


The team of Sport Association of Disabled Kikinda was formed only with active members of OKI Feniks.

Thus, unlike in 2010 now team was without nondisabled persons, and unlike in 2011. now without former club members (strictly by the rules, item 6).

Interesting fact was that the first time team from Novi Sad participated.


Kikinda - Subotica      25:1; 25:4
Kikinda - Bačka Palanka 25:7; 25:6
Kikinda - Novi Sad      25:7; 25:10
Kikinda - Zrenjanin     25:7; 25:8

Just observe these numbers. Do you need any comment?


1. Kikinda

2. Bačka Palanka
3. Subotica
4. Zrenjanin
5. Novi Sad

Kikinda is the champion of Vojvodina in sitting volleyball in the third consecutive time.

New-old champions of Vojvodina are:

Marić, Setorić, Đuričin, Brandić, Golijanin and Milošev. It was the first time our new member, Mirko Tegeltija, played with us.