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The First League of Republic of Srpska in sitting volleyball (SSOIRS)
the 7th round, Kikinda, hall of school "Miloš Crnjanski"
April 27th, 2013

Valuable Feniks victory in the derby against Borac from Banja Luka was won in five sets after an amazing turnaround and with very uncertain fight to the very end.


This photo is saying more than thousand words:

Phuuh! The one who was absent there really don't know what he missed. In our Video Gallery has not been the common practice to publish more than one video of the match versus the same team, but we will do it now. This is because this one deserves attention and a chance for you to feel at least a part of the atmosphere. If a previous match with Borac was, as journalists like to say, "for the infarct", than for this one I ran out of epithets to describe one level higher of combat and uncertainty.

Even before the game, the things were standing pretty tense: the win of guests would secure them the second place in the standings and it would be the revenge for the defeat of the host from the first part of the season. For hosts - another three points would mean come back to the second place, a safe cruise to the end of the season and equalising the number of wins and loses in their matches with experienced team from Banja Luka. In the end, the result was somewhere in between.

* For the visitors of english pages it's convenient to translate the opponents team name: "Borac" means fighter, struggler, combatant.

Of course, there's always something new to happen. We started out confused and disorganized. Our "waking up" started in the middle of the first set, but this process lasted too long. It was that long so the second set sliped away in a blink of an eye.

The third set brought our great advantage in the middle of the set and there was not a problem to keep it. Perhaps it was the result of relaxing of opponents, but after that we were aware that we must not do the same, because otherwise ... it won't be good. The lead of five points at the start of the fourth set hinted the further game development. During this game part visitors were extremely dangerous and had repeatedly dangerously arriving, even had the lead, but we were able to get this set this time by our very good performance.

The fifth set only started well, but went on a series of our mistakes, so our opponents had three-point lead in moment of changing the terrain sides. We returned to the game and re-took the lead and then we lost a series of points. At the very end guests had a lead 13:11. This result was followed by Feniks four straight points, that we mostly won thanks to the lucid services of Milošev. Just by reviewing the previous game report I noticed a curiosity: at that occasion, the last four rallies were also resolved in our favor. A good play was shown by the new team member Vlajkov and here must be mentioned that "the dog fox" Mourinho made a simple move during the 5th set, but it was experienced and significant one, all in accordance with the game rules. I will not explain the details, but simply - that was real presentation of "know how"!

The final result:

OKI "Feniks": IOK "Borac"   3:2 (21:25; 19:25; 25:14; 25:22; 15:13)



Score table after the 7th round:

1. OKI "Derventa"     8   8   0   24:5    685:478  23
2. IOK "Borac"        8   4   4   20:14   739:674  16
3. OKI "Feniks"       8   6   2   20:12   693:590  15
4. OKI "Maglić"       8   4   4   13:14   625:644  11
5. OKI "Prijedor"     6   2   4   10:16   545:561   5
6. KSO "Krajišnik"   10   0  10    7:30   539:739   2


What happens next in the First League of R.Srpska?

Will Feniks defend the autumn's title of a runner-up?

Will guys from Kikinda be able to return undefeated from Prijedor?

How will be the result of the match Derventa vs Borac?

What will be the order of teams in the end of the season?

About all this and more you can read in the next issues of our journal.

Each time wider local audience had the opportunity to see the beauty of this sport and to finally rejoice with us. Many thanks you to all those who were with us this Saturday!

Players for OKI Feniks

Brandić, Golijanin, Milošev, Đuričin, Anđelov, Vlajkov, Marić, Budurin, Dragan and Zavišin.
THE Coach: Branislav Dragin - Mourinho


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