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League of the Republic of Hungary in sitting volleyball
(Tesco Ülőröplabda Magyar Bajnokság 2013/14)
April 12th, 2014, Play off 2nd round
Szent-Györgyi Albert Középiskola, Szombathely, Hungary

The second play off tournament of the Hungarian Championship in Sitting Volleyball was played on the farthest destination to us in this year's Bajnokság, in Szombathely.


The distance and the importance of appearances were quite sufficient reasons to go the day before and spend the night in a modest boarding school. At that time we were very much uncertain of the outcome of the match against Sprint. Repeated absence of our captain, as one of our key players, was anything else but the peaceful path. On the other hand, since the beginning of the spring season a high-quality player joined us and The Mourinho managed somewhat different game system. It seems that these things, together with disciplined compliance of these ideas and a huge desire to win were crucial for the success. For us, particular importance was a 3:0 victory against the host team, Sprint, as a direct competitor for the second place at the end of the season. Thus we return to them "the debt" of the previous defeat by the same result, but this time on their home terrain.



Against Vac we did not succeed, so they remained undefeated. Each set was very close, a leads walked from one side to onother. In case of our win, points from this game would be helpfull, but mainly as a moral injection for the future games, but not as much as for he points themselves. After this round Mozdulj is even theoretically the first.

With Szeged happened like before, we played a relaxed game, with which we allow obviously much weaker team to won the set. In the end, neither the Sprint had the better outcome against the same team.



We have a few photos from each game, but only mentioned game is covered by a video footage which you will find in our video gallery.

Results of the "upper chart", April 12th, Szombathely:

Mozdulj SE (Vác) - Sprint SC (Szombathely)      3:1 (25:16, 26:24, 20:25, 25:15)
OKI Feniks (Kikinda) - Csakazért SE (Szeged)    3:1 (25:15, 25:13, 19:25, 25:22)
OKI Feniks (Kikinda) - Sprint SC (Szombathely)  3:0 (25:23, 27:25, 25:11)
Mozdulj SE (Vác) - Csakazért SE (Szeged)        3:0 (25:21, 25:18, 25:19)
Mozdulj SE (Vác) - OKI Feniks (Kikinda)         3:0 (25:20, 25:22, 25:21)
Sprint SC (Szombathely) - Csakazért SE (Szeged) 3:1 (25:13, 25:15, 23:25, 25:13)



Tesco Ülőröplabda Magyar Bajnokság 2013/14. - score table after the 2nd round of play off

1. Mozdulj SE (Vác)
2. Sprint SC (Szombathely)
3. OKI Feniks (Kikinda)
4. Csakazért SE (Szeged)

Matches of the lower chart were played two weeks later in the city of Nagykanizsa.



As a conclusion, we played three great games and recorded two new victories. The result is that we reduced the advantage of Sprint on the table from 5 to just 2 points. This means that we are left to the last, the third tournament on May 18 in Budapest in the encounter, to solve the issue of the final order. We went home happy and with the hope that we will then be complete, and that we will once again have the strength to be better. The one thing that is certain is that it will not be easy.


Played for OKI "Feniks" in Szombathely:

Đuričin, Golijanin, Vlajkov, Mihaljčić, Budurin, Setorić, Milošev and Zavišin.
Coach: Branislav Dragin.

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