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League of the Republic of Hungary in sitting volleyball 2014/15
(Tesco Ülőröplabda Magyar Bajnokság 2014/15)
Play-off round 1
Kikinda, primary school "Vuk Karadžić", Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Play off in Hungarian Championships continues to the top four teams, Round Robin, tree times. The first of these three rounds were played in Kikinda.


Feniks participates in Bajnokság for the sixth time, and became the round host the second time. We observe this fact with the great pleasure, because it is everything else, but not a matter of no importance. I meant to say that it is a great honor to drag the competition and competitors from other countries to our own. It is a foreign championship in which we are the only foreign participant. We worth to became a host in an province of Serbia, which is an honour comparing to large cities such as Budapest, Szeged, Szombathely and Nyíregyháza. As it happened, that the trust of Hungarian Association was substantiate by our good games in the first part Bajnokság and so we started this round with from the highest table position. In order to keep that place there was necessary to achieve at least two new victories. Opponents are serious, system of competition is very stiff, schedule was not very favorable, but still - it is our gym.

Victory over Sprint was out of the question, as it was the defeat from the excellent Piremon. Notwithstanding this defeat, both games we played perfectly organized and fighting. Even the third game against Mozdulj we started well, but we carelessly dropped the advantage at the end of the first set (24-26). We didn't gave up. We were able to regroup by winning the third set, but than we lost the fourth after we missed a set-point and finished with the same result as in the first set. Just that one ball was missing of reaching the fifth set and winning at least one point, but a victory would left us at the head of the table.



Such an outcome made the order of the first three teams in became more interesting,with even smaller differences than before. After this round Piremon is in the first place, the second is Mozdulj with a point less, and Feniks is on the third place with one point less than Mozdulj. After this round the fourth placed Sprint was remained wiht only theoretical chance to return to the battle for the top, because they have 11 points less than Feniks.



Visitors were convinced that we did our best. However, such a system of competition with three tough matches in a day is extremely tiring, exhausting. Coincidentally, our most important match was played at the end of the day, when everyone was running out of power and concentration, doesn't matter that experts would confirme in advance that it will be the one with the most uncertain outcome. I am free to say that the guests from Vac had more luck in those few decisive moments. Anyway, we will play two such rounds more and the differences are small enough that everything else is still open.



Six great games took place:

Piremon SE - Sprint SC      3:0 (10, 19, 16)
OKI Feniks - Sprint SC      3:0 (20, 16, 19)
Piremon SE - Mozdulj SE     3:0 (17, 13, 22)
Mozdulj SE - Sprint SC      3:0 (22, 22, 23)
Piremon SE - OKI Feniks     3:0 (18, 19, 17)
Mozdulj SE - OKI Feniks     3:1 (24, 21, -22, 24)

Table after 1st play off round:

1. Piremon SE       10 8 0 1 1 26:6     25
2. Mozdulj SE       10 7 1 1 1 26:10    24
3. OKI Feniks       10 7 1 0 2 25:9     23
4. Sprint SC        10 4 0 0 6 14:18    12


Players: Brandić, Budurin, Đuričin, Zavišin, Golijanin, Milošev, Mihaljčić, Vlajkov, Anđelov, Marić, Setorić i Dragan.
Coach: Branislav Dragin.


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In Budapest this round was described as repacking of table:


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