OKI "Feniks" Kikinda - News

1. festival of sport "Fair play",
Square of Serbian volunteers, Kikinda, May 30th, 2015


We were part of the festival of sport which brought together 27 teams from Kikinda. The basic idea was to promote sports, healthy living and healthy nutrition.


Town square was full of athletes, visitors, good cheer and good will. All "children's illness" of the first organization of this circus were quickly forgotten in the name of good ideas and organizer's will to create something new, nice, useful, and with minimal resources. Each club had a chance to show/improvise a magic of it's sport, each had it's nook on the town square and a five minutes one stage to tell it's own story.

We joined there, but we're telling our story right here.

We shed a lot of sweat, spend a lot of time and enthusiasm, we crossed hundreds of thousands of kilometers, we skated for success and we are still hungry of these. That's why it was very difficult to summarize all this in just five minutes, and you can certainly find each part of the "on-stage-story" here, on this site.



Maybe you can't imagine how we presented our sport? It's not that hard, if you see a tatami and balls for volley. However, we did it otherwise or we didn't: some kids flew on a tatami and played so cute in our time schedule that we were so sorry to move them off. We've added them balls and - that's it! When I think better about it, we are, as well, somebody's children playing balls on the floor.

Perhaps these photos will help you to imagine how to represent equestrian sport or divers or ...? Or you will come next time on the square? We sincerely hope for the next meeting.