OKI "Feniks" Kikinda - News

Orienteering Cup of Kikinda 2012,
19th May 2012

This year we are happy to respond to the invitation Mountaineering Club "Kinđa" and participated in "Orienteering Kikinda Cup 2012".



The event organizers did not hide their immense satisfaction with our response.



Like last year, they were able to organize the competition in category "Open", adapted for athletes with disabilities.



Feniks members competed divided into three teams, and this time the competition was beautified by our wifes. They were majority of the team "Feniks 2".



Last year's winners were the right combination of youth, strength and experience. Anyway, this year been weakened by the "youth", so they had to be satisfied with third place.



Within the bronze team Feniks 1 is a photo section that transmits impressions from the alley, but also a bouquet for dear female readers.



Congratulations to the winning team "Feniks 3": Brandić, Milos and Dragin.



We did not go in Vršac last year, but a call was repeated now, too. Who knows, if our competition schedule allows, we will be happy.

Finally, we are also expressing our great pleasure to have spent some time with a great fellowship. And after all, of course, beans as much as one could like to eat. (Photo section here has failed, it stopped with snaps ... for obvious reasons.)