Volleyball club for disabled persons "Feniks" Kikinda


This is about enthusiastic group of people from Kikinda gathered around the one of the freshest paraolympic sports called sitting volleyball in the club named OKI "Feniks". The main idea of playing this sport adapted for persons with disabled persons is a sports one, but even more the life one!...

Some more stuff about our beginnings and our affairs may be found here.

You can learn more about playing sitting volleyball if you get into differences betwen the rules in sitting volleyball and classic volleyball.

We attend championships and tournaments regularly, and we also organize one in Kikinda.

We will report about our regular activities here via written text and in picture.

We also have a couple of hints for you...

If this is your firs visit to a site dedicated to sitting volleyball, wishing to learn more or to find out how it looks ot of Kikinda - we advise you to google terms "sjedeŠa odbojka", "sitting volleyball", or "Řl§r÷plabda".. You will find:

Besides that, Youtube is filled with clips about sitting volleyball. You can easily find clips from our matches by typing "oki feniks" in YouTube search line or simply visit our Video gallery.

It is true that they are way ahead of us.

It is up to us to be patient, strong and determined, to keep along with all of you who show love and support - and to make our movement to catch them up and to overcome.

It is a long and difficult path. These pages are here to describe how much do we manage this.

But hey! We are Lalas from Banat, so we keep on our old way -- eeeeaaaassssy! However, years are passing and things are changing, so in the moment of updating this page we have several things that we are proud of.

You can learn about that at the pages of our website. Welcome!