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6th international tournament "Kikinda CUP 2015", September 5th, 2015

"Kikinda Cup" is traditional international invitational tournament in sitting volleyball. There is no doubt this is our event of the season and that is why we pay special attention to its organization.
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3rd club championship of Vojvodina in sitting volleyball 2015, Tovariševo, June 13th, 2015

OKI Feniks is the new-old club champion of Vojvodina, it is for the third time in three championships to date. Ain't it a really nice spice to the end of one great season?...
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League of the Republic of Hungary in sitting volleyball 2014/15, Play-off round 3, June 7th 2015, Budapest

Final play-off round of Bajnokság, three leading teams are at intervals of 5 points and only the fourth one is left without hope of a better standing, the sport hall in OORI in the part of town known as the Budakeszi...
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1. festival of sport "Fair play", Square of Serbian volunteers, Kikinda, May 30th, 2015

We were part of the festival of sport which brought together 27 teams from Kikinda. The basic idea was to promote sports, healthy living and healthy nutrition...
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7th International sitting volleyball tournament "Bugojno Open 2015", Bugojno, May 23rd, 2015

Bugojno Open was held for the seventh time as a part of events to mark the May 20th, the day of Bugojno Municipality. Participants were three teams from BiH and one from each of the Republic of Srpska, the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia...
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The First Serbian League 2015, Volleyball Association of People with Disabilities (OS OSI), 1st semi-season, Kragujevac, Beograd, Kikinda, April and May 2015

Little has changed in comparison to last season. The biggest difference is that just now, after winning three national titles in Serbia, OKI Feniks for the first time officially has the opportunity to defend it...
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League of the Republic of Hungary in sitting volleyball 2014/15, Playoff, 2nd round, April 25th, 2015, Nyíregyháza

The Championship play off continued with the second circuit in Nyíregyháza, where the four best teams of the Hungaian sitting volleyball League re-tested their strength among them...
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League of the Republic of Hungary in sitting volleyball 2014/15, Play-off round 1, Kikinda, March 14th, 2015

Play off in Hungarian Championships continues to the top four teams, Round Robin, tree times. The first of these three rounds were played in Kikinda...
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The Hungarian Cup in sitting volleyball for the year 2015, Budapest, Hungary, Feb. 15th, 2015

The first weekend of February is already reserved for qualifications (Tatabanya), and the next one for the Cup Finals (Budapest). Feniks's road to the finals and the second weekend led over the last year's Cup winner, and the most successful Hungarian team was waiting there for us...
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Informations about events that took place prior to the listed above can be found on the page containing news archive.