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The first international tournament "We are volleyball players, too"
Bačka Palanka, 30th April 2011

Venue: Sports center "Tikvara", the small hall

Our sport friends from KSO "Serva" managed this year to organize The first International tournament, with the motto "We are volleyball players, too". They took a good care about all necessary details and the success of the tournament was not lacking: the tournament has been held in sports, competitive and friendly spirit.


So, the tournament visitors from Palanka were able the first time in their midst to watch international, serious, strong and unpredictable sitting-volley matches, and they felt the atmosphere during this kind of tournament.

All participants were well known to us, as they are all our fierce opponents on the playing field and good friends out of it. We are using the opportunity to present them - of course, from our point of view and in the current moment:

KSO "Serva", Bačka Palanka, Serbia - for this tournament and for the number of reasons the team of hosts was reinforced by the club from Subotica, in aim to raise their level of competition. However, the day that followed showed that the level was still not enough for the right countering to other three teams.

OKI "Brčko", Brčko Dištrict, BiH - there were already few words about the rivalry (and friendship) that exists between "Brčko" and "Feniks" teams. All previous duels were decided in their favor. We remained with the bitter taste after missed chance to break this tradition on last year's Kikinda Cup (see info). Obviously, differences in current strength are nuances, but our motive for the win was present for sure.

"Csakazért" SE, Szeged, Hungary - as geograficaly the closest, this team is our most frequent rival in friendly matches, but as well it is an equal rival in various tournaments and Hungarian championship. Since our inception, we have relatively quickly undertaken the precedence over this team and thus they did not win any match, since they defeated us in the most recent match in the Hungarian Cup, less than two months ago. We considered this as our "fresh wound" and so we acquired a new motivation for the rematch in Palanka.

KSO "Feniks", Kikinda, Serbia - We practiced diligently after New Year's pause. Announced the absence of the Anđelov, to our great joy, was turned to the possibility of occasionally playing and a cautious training, so the first team is present here in complete. The fact is that planned tournaments and matches in the first quarter of this year were not held. This is why we came into this tournament with a great desire for matches and competition, but without a routine. In this mentioned period we only played games in the Hungarian Cup.

Therefore, 3 teams in this tournament are equal! There were expected good, tough matches and a good sport performances.

After the first game, competitors were welcomed by the host and the main organizer of the tournament, Mr. Velemir Ilija. The tournament was officially opened by president of Sport Union for disabled of Vojvodina, Mr. Milorad Kilibarda.

Our matches in a few words

Match No 2 - The first set in match against "Csakazért" passed in "Feniks" permanent advantage of one or two points and arriving the difference by the opponents. By the excellent services at the end of the set we made decisive advantage and we finished it to our behalf. The second set did much resembled the first, but the 5 points advantage at the end of the set - just melted. Wounded "Sitting bulls" were threatened the most seriously to return to the game. After a tie at 23:23 happened that we first missed the match point, then the opponents failed to won set the point. Afterward we reached to the other match point, but tough opponent equalised again. Finally, we siezed the third match-ball. Expected uncertainty was there. What is the most important: the goal is reached, we came over the first step in this tournament and the debt to Hungarians is repaid.

Match No 4 - Team from Brčko defeated the team from Szeged somewhat easier than we did, and our mutual match won the importance of the final. It was even more uncertain and more difficult than the previous one. A long comment on it not necessary, because the score of 26:24 in both sets is saying quite enough! Our desire for a victory was probably much more prominent and we finally managed to "bite into" them.

Match No 6 - The match against Palanka-Subotica team was not uncertain, but it also had interesting details, nice moves and a good fight on both sides. On the "Feniks" side Setorić, Marić, Budurin and Selak justified the confidence of the coach and they played very good.

Results of the matches

1. KSO "Serva": OKI "Brčko"      0:2
2. "Csakazért" SE : KSO "Feniks" 0:2
3. OKI "Brčko": "Csakazért" SE   2:0
4. KSO "Feniks" : OKI "Brčko"    2:0
5. KSO "Serva" : "Csakazért" SE  0:2
6. KSO "Serva": KSO "Feniks"     0:2

Final ranking

1. KSO "Feniks"     6  6:0
2. OKI "Brcko"      4  4:2
3. "Csakazért" SE   2  2:4
4. KSO "Serva"      0  0:6

In the ceremonial hall of the sports center "Tikvara", Mr. Velemir declared winners and awarded certificates and trophies for their performance.

The captain of the KSO "Feniks", D. Brandić, proudly raised the winning trophy and a 1st place certificate. That is just the one of the reasons we carved out this tournament with golden letters in our memories. The joint lunch and fellowship followed. The club from Subotica won the fair play trophy.


Standing: Marić, Anđelov, Setorić, Selak, Đuričin, trener Dragin
Sitting: Janjatović, Budurin, Brandić, Herceg, Zavišin

Thank you!

Many thanks to Ilija & Martina, Jelena, Neša, Vukica, Sima, Sloba, .. and all other hosts for the warm reception, excellent organization and unforgettable experience. We wish to them a good health, happiness and a lot of success in the future work.


Photos from tournament