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IV László Verba international tournament 2011
(IV Verba László emléktorna, nemzetközi ülöröplabda Cup)
Szeged, Hungary, 20-21st August 2011

Two years ago we have already participated in this tournament, but we played in another, somewhat mixed composition. This time, we came on our own as a KSO "Feniks", at the first tournament after the long summer break. We came a bit weaker, without players who could not travel with us for various reasons (Marić, Setorić, Selak and the starter player, A. Herceg).


Nevertheless, we have learned to fight, we came to play and slowly getting ready for a challenge in Breda Paragames in October (we will tell about it more about that when the right time comes). Aside us, there were participated three well-known, strong Hungarian teams and one team from England unknown to us. Tournament was played by the system all with each other, two games in a day.

The first was certainly the most difficult and the most uncertain. Sprint team for the first time we succeeded to win with a lot of trouble overcome in the championship at the end of May this year, and even now there were no differences. It might happen that the game could end up somewhat earlier with a little more stability in our play, but this one quite resembled to the mentioned above, and a result of the fifth set was even identical - 15:13 for Feniks. Very important victory at the very beginning of the competition filled a good wind into the sails of our crew.

Thus, we entered tired and exhausted in the second match against the host team of Csakazért, because of the high temperature and high humidity in the room. Outside temperature was some 38°C! On the other side of the court there were Sitting Bulls lined up in full strength. The first two sets we won, just be sure it was everything else but not easy. After losing the third set we were scared from the thought of another fifth set. (As for this tournament we paid fee for the participation, one was commented: "My People, it's like we playing to use all that money!"). Fortunately, we found the strength to not arise and managed to get a match with 3:1.

On the second day, on the opposite side of the court was terrible Piremon team, team from the European top, Multiple champion unbeaten in the Hungarian league and of course many other tournaments. This is the team that played against us at the beginning of our participation in Hungarian league 2009 and they simply "wiped" us out. However, this time it was a duel on the same team level. Excluding the fourth set, each was led by a strong fight and sets finished with the minimum point differences. The fall of our concentration in the fourth set was a logical consequence of yesterday's fatigue and our weak condition at the start of the season.

However, there are no regrets for anything: we were the only that "shown teeth" to Piremon, we made them play on the highest level, and we were the only team who won a set against them!

The last game against Kent Pilgrims was the only one without a great struggle and tension, even knowing that our opponents earned each point honestly. Budurin's play was a pleasant surprise, this time showing that he is a very useful player on the place of a setter.


Saturday, 20th August

Sprint SC - Kent Pilgrims 3:0 (14,18,16)
Piremon SE - SE Csakazért 3:0 (16,13,13)
Kikinda - Sprint SC 3:2 (18, -21.25, -23.13)
Piremon SE - Kent Pilgrims 3:0 (7,11,7)
Csakazért SE - Kikinda 1:3 (-21, -19,18, -21)

Sunday, 21st August

Csakazért SE - Pilgrims 3:0 (10,11,15)
Piremon SE - Kikinda 3:1 (25, -23,21,11)
Sprint SC - SE Csakazert 3:0 (15,20,21)
Kent Pilgrims - Kikinda 0:3 (9,9,14)
Sprint SC - SE Piremon 0:3 (-12, -18, -11)

The final standings:

1. Piremon SE, Nyíregyháza
2. Feniks, Kikinda (SRB)
3. Sprint SC, Szombathely
4. Csakazért SE, Szeged
5. Kent Pilgrims (GB)

On the B court the tournament for ladies was paralelly played, and the final order was as follows:

1. Csakazért SE, Szeged
2. Simpsons (GB)
3. Hungarian National Team

At the closing ceremony prizes were awarded to three MVP players on tournament. The most experienced player and the President of the Feniks, Dragoslav Đuričin, won one of these prizes.

An attentive and hospitable hosts congratulated to the celebrant from England with a cake, and all those who were present in the hall were singing a famous birthday song...

Vice-champions on the 4th Verba László tournament

Standing: Janjatović, Đuričin, Anđelov, coach Dragin
Sitting: Zavišin, Budurin, Brandić, Golijanin


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Photos from tournament