OKI "Feniks" Kikinda - News

League of the Republic of Hungary in sitting volleyball for the year 2013, 3rd Round, Kikinda, High School "Miloš Crnjanski", May 18th, 2013.

Now we can proudly say that we successfully organized a round of Hungarian championship in Kikinda, the 1st time in Serbia! Of course, we hope to organize many more such events in the future.


When a good organization is followed by the outcome success, then there are no objections and there can't be any. According to the program here came teams from Vác, Szeged and Tatabánya and the familiar refereeing collegium, Jozsi and Illy.

The problem with the hall in which we train is resolving very slowly, so that, with goodwill of employees and the principal of school "M.Crnjanski" we provided their hall for this event. It turned out that this was a great solution. The sport hall has a good access, good parking place, it is full of light, has a great floor, acceptable dressing rooms and enough space for the expected modest number of visitors. Even the outside courtyard is available for drying sport equipment between games.

Yes, altogether there were about fifty spectators during the day, mostly our faithful companions to the games in Kikinda, but I must say, it's much more than any of championship games either in Hungary or in R. Srpska, while tournaments are somewhat different story. This and previous visits are only one of the reasons this news is dedicated just to them, as a special part of photo gallery.

Results of the 3rd round:

1. OKI Feniks (Kikinda) - Mozdulj SE (Vác) 3:2 (-18, 21, -16, 18, 12)

It was an encounter of the first and the second placed teams in the last year's Hungarian league and Hugarian Cup. It was inspiring challenge, the long-awaited derby and once again hopeful that this time we will be better. Now there was a seed of objectivity in it, because this was the first time we had a real benefits of a host team, no matter it was not a sport hall in which we train and the other one is the fact that they came with incomplete team.

During the match happened everything: nervousness and relaxation, good and bad rallies, long points and rashness. They play fast, experienced and organized, and we can respond to these challenges, just if we are 100% concentrated. As soon as it's not the case points are flying away in series which Mourinho is trying to stop with time-outs and substitutions. Thus I would describe their double lead in sets, and our arrival. TThe final overbalance in the fifth set on 12:12 was the merit of our strong will and fighting and the support of the audience, mentioned above.

One ironic commentary of this game was that it was not right what Feniks is doing to his audience: twice against Borac in five sets, and now the same happened. It has become a standard! And than he continued: "Guys, you are seriously playing with our health." Another guy said that it was the first time he saw sitting volleyball and he didn't believe it can be so interesting. He enjoyed and hoarse from cheering, his hands were sore from clapping. He said he will come again for sure!

Oh, yes! "The one who will please all the people is not born yet." - this is one of many Serbian people wisdoms that two centuries ago wrote down a disabled person whose name bears the very school where we train. Does it matters? Who knows? The important thing is that no one left the sport field as indifferent!

2. Humanitas SE (Tatabánya) - Csakazért SE (Szeged) 3:0 (4, 11, 15)

It seems that the Szeged had a big problem to complete the team. In the field, the ratio of male and female players was usually 3:3. Even András M. sat on floor and tested his plying skill in the field. Anyway, the game of Szeged was on very modest range.

3. Mozdulj SE (Vác) - Humanitas SE (Tatabánya) 3:0 (14, 15, 17)

Routine, but a good match for Vác, Tatabánya guys - fighters, but helpless.

4. Mozdulj SE (Vác) - Csakazért SE (Szeged) 3:0 (21, 18, 10)

Another routine game of the champs. They played 8 sets before this game and spared the ladies across the net by playing in a gentleman's manner. This fact only caused Szeged went true some better than Tatabánya.

5. OKI Feniks (Kikinda) - Humanitas SE (Tatabánya) 3:0 (17, 19, 19)

In the game were no major threats for us, but the seriousness and concentration had to be kept at a good level to achieve the maximum win.

We've explained why sometimes there are hardly any pictures, sometimes perhaps too much. Again we had two photographers, of which this is a great photo-tool and really "know how" and you got to have in mind there were five games. Indeed, his pictures are "only" from two games of Feniks, but in the other hand there are some made with the other camera and even by a cell phone.

Selection of photos for the website was very difficult indeed. I'm usualy sorry to give up from good photo or an interesting photo. Then the result is this kind of colorful page. Well, let it be so occasionaly.

After this weekend we got slightly larger space in the local papers, I would say with the reason.

Whatever it says, the original statement of, always reliable and battle ready captain, Dragiša Brandić was as follows: "Maybe this is all a bit strange: Championships of R.Srpska and Hungary in Serbia, but it's simple it. Moreover, league in R.Srpska for season 2012/13 we have already completed, but in the Hungarian league for 2013 we are still playing the first part. We are especially pleased that we haven't lost a game at home in both of these competitions and we were defeated just by the first placed teams."

Feniks "hello & thanks" to the audience:

Brandić, Milošev, Đuričin, Golijanin, Anđelov, Dragan, Marić, Budurin, Vlajkov i Zavišin, led by the coach Branislav Dragin.

Immediately on following weekend in Zánka were played six games 4th round in which Feniks (by the plan) was not attending and these results were achieved:

1. Sprint SC (Szombathely) - Mađarska ž. reprezentacija (Budapest)      3:0 (14, 13, 6)
2. Piremon SE (Nyíregyháza) - Hamburger SE (Nagykanizsa)                3:0 (19, 10, 13)
3. Sprint SC (Szombathely) - Csakazért SE (Szeged)                      3:0 (10, 15, 10)
4. Piremon SE (Nyíregyháza) - Sprint SC (Szombathely)                   3:1 (-21, 23, 16, 13)
5. Hamburger SE (Nagykanizsa) - Csakazért SE (Szeged)                   3:0 (16, 21, 11)
6. Hamburger SE (Nagykanizsa) - Mađarska ž. reprezentacija (Budapest)   3:0 (2, 17, 20)

We are going to play two more games in remaining 5th round of the first part of the League in Budapest on June 15th, but thanks to these victories practically we already ensured byes into the top 4 of the table for the autumn play off.